Ford Trucks Partners With Turbotrucks In Russia

Ford Trucks partners with TURBOTRUCKS in Russia

Ford Trucks, one of the largest international heavy truck manufacturers in the world, recently announced that it has appointed TURBOTRUCKS as the official exclusive distributor for Ford Trucks Heavy Commercial Vehicles in Russia.

With its extensive truck business background, TURBOTRUCKS has been representing world-leading automotive brands for more than 20 years and runs a variety of automotive related businesses in 9 countries across Europe. TURBOTRUCKS will provide sales, after sales and spare parts, as well as a used truck business through their existing wide-spread network to Ford Trucks customers. Ford Trucks will also continue to expand its network through TURBOTRUCKS, and all main transportation routes will be covered, in addition to Russia’s major cities within two years. Parts availability and distribution is also a vital part of this partnership. The central spare parts depot will be in Moscow and will serve to all locations simultaneously.

This new partnership was announced and celebrated during a press event at the Swissotel Hotel Moscow. The event was attended by Hoet Family and Ackermans & Van Haaren Investment Company shareholders, and Piet Wauters (Global CEO) and Serge Van Hulle (Managing Director of Russia) from the board of directors of TURBOTRUCKS. Vice President of Ford Trucks, Serhan Turfan, Director of International Markets at Ford Trucks, Emrah Duman, Ford Trucks Russia Managing Director, and Bahadir Koc, and executives from Ford Trucks and TURBOTRUCKS and other guests also attended. Director of International Markets at Ford Trucks, Emrah Duman, said: “Since our first contact with TURBOTRUCKS, we understood that we share the same vision and DNA in business and will be good partners in the future. This partnership will enable us to restructure our distribution strategy in Russia and will help us achieve rapid sales and after-sales network expansion, as well as significant improvement on spare parts distribution all over Russia. With our new partner, TURBOTRUCKS, we are committed to providing the highest levels of customer service and competitive aftersales solutions through dedicated facilities for sales, servicing and parts. We are very pleased partner with TURBOTRUCKS and I believe they will represent our brand in the best possible way in Russia.”

E5 Ecotorq Engine, the source of power, technology and efficiency in Ford Trucks:

Improvement in fuel economy and higher performance with up to 480 PS of power The new Ford Trucks series offers a range of power options from 330 to 480 PS with E6 emissions. The latest Ecotorq engines deliver better fuel economy than previous versions and are the most competitive in the segment, according to tests conducted by independent bodies. They increase both the torque and power for performance in all conditions.

The new Ford Trucks models have improved power but also braking force, with a braking system seven times more powerful than in the previous generation of vehicles. The retarder option and engine brake provide 600kW and 400kW of braking force respectively, for a total braking output of 1,000kW. With these new features, the new generation of Ford Trucks vehicles provide greater reliability and safety.

All vehicles are also offered with 10mm, 500-megapascal chassis frames that further improve the durability of the vehicle.

The new Ford Trucks models also yield savings after purchase. Maintenance costs have been reduced, while service periods have been extended to reduce scheduled downtime and provide further competitive advantage for Ford customers in the logistics and construction sectors. These service periods have been extended to 120,000 km in the Tractor and Construction series and gives customers the most competitive maintenance advantage in the logistics and construction sectors.

Cold Climate Package

The Cold Climate Package provides comfort in cold and wet environments with Cold Pack Fluids, Cab Heater, Heated Windshield and Power Mirror. The package was developed over a two-year period of vehicle durability tests in simulated laboratory conditions and tailored to specific customer expectations through a series of road tests in the region.

2 Years Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Ford Trucks is the first heavy truck manufacturer to combine a standard two-year unlimited mileage warranty for the entire vehicle with long maintenance intervals and low fuel consumption to keep customer operating costs to a minimum. Ford Trucks also offers optional extension to a three-year unlimited mileage warranty.