Ford Trucks Forges a New Path Within Eurasia's 'Central Corridor' with its New Distributor in Kazakhstan

Ford Trucks, the global brand of the heavy commercial vehicle industry, is extending the range of services to international customers through its newly established distributor Turbo Trucks Kazakhstan in Kazakhstan, an important road transport gateway in Eurasia. Ford Trucks aims to provide dependable and high-quality services in various markets along the 'Middle Corridor', a crucial route for international trade and renowned as the modern Silk Road.

Ford Trucks, the global brand of the heavy commercial vehicle industry, will continue to provide services for all its international customers by expanding its reach through the new distributor Turbo Trucks Kazakhstan in Kazakhstan, the road transport gateway of Eurasia. Turbotrucks Kazakhstan is a part of TH Group which has been representing world leading automotive brands for more than 25 years along with its extensive truck business background and runs variety of automotive related businesses in 9 countries across Europe and Asia.

With its activities in the strategically significant Kazakhstan market, Ford Trucks will establish a presence along the longest route of the 'Middle Corridor', referred to as the 'New Silk Road', an infrastructure and trade initiative designed to enhance connectivity and foster economic cooperation among Eurasian countries.

The vast geography of Kazakhstan, which is almost half the size of the European Union, will enable Ford Trucks to provide dependable and high-quality service. Kazakhstan also has many partnerships with the European Union with its route connecting Europe and Asia. The country is an important crossroads for transport to and from Europe.

Ford Trucks, which will initially start its activities in Almaty with sales, after-sales service, and spare parts service, will expand to five more cities that stand out with their commercial and mining activities within two years and will be in a total of six main cities by 2025.

Emrah Duman: "We are confident that our cooperation will empower customers with top-level solutions"

The collaboration between Ford Trucks and Turbo Trucks Kazakhstan was formalized on August 31, 2023, with a signing ceremony attended by executives and representatives.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ford Trucks Leader Emrah Duman said: “We are delighted to serve Kazakhstan's heavy commercial vehicle market alongside a new and highly valuable partner. Kazakhstan marks a significant stride in establishing a robust presence along the modern Silk Road. In terms of surface area, our service coverage spans a vast geographical expanse. With this strategic move, we are better positioned to serve our international customers, offering them reliable after-sales services and easy access to spare parts. The opportunities in Kazakhstan are vast, we firmly believe that this partnership of ours will drive mutual success and growth, empowering our customers with top-of-the-line solutions."