Ford Trucks to unveil its road to zero emissions at 2022 IAA

Ford Trucks to unveil its road to zero emissions at 2022 IAA

Ford Trucks, winner of the prestigious IToY Award in Hannover with its F-MAX in 2018, returns to IAA Transportation with its new surprise on its way to zero emmission, technologies and innovations that will advance towards its global competition as a distinctive player in production, design, and product development. 

Ford’s only heavy commercial vehicle global brand Ford Trucks will unveil its up to date position at 2022 IAA Transportation, the world's leading trade fair for mobility, transport, and logistics taking place from September 20 to 25, 2022 in Hannover. The company will showcase the international award-winner F-MAX and present its CO2-neutral transport solutions roadmap, also new specifications and features, bringing connected mobility technologies to Ford Trucks customers, offering more convenience and greater efficiency.

Building on more than a half-century of experience and dynamic product development in the field of heavy trucks, Ford Trucks will take the point it has reached in new generation technologies to the next level in 2022 IAA Transportation with its new product variants, plus updated services and technologies and its current product range, launched in more than 40 countries. 

Ford Trucks making strides towards a sustainable future in the heavy commercial segment

“As an innovative brand that has the purpose of “to be the road mate that cares about customers and makes their businesses thrive”, we focus on future and prioritize R&D efforts on bringing next-generation technologies to the market. The transition of heavy commercial vehicles to zero emissions is critical for a sustainable future. Therefore, our objective is mainly to contribute to reduce operating costs and CO2 emissions in road transport while increasing fleet productivity” says Serhan Turfan, Vice President at Ford Trucks. "We look forward to presenting our innovations in line with our zero-emission mission and new connectivity technologies that will thrive our customers’ businesses” 

Ford Trucks will showcase the latest variants of the IToY award winner F-MAX as well as the latest cutting-edge technology and services at the exhibition area. 

ConnecTruck offers new features that make life easier for drivers and fleet managers 

Ford Trucks is transforming its vehicles into data-driven, connected mobility products, equipped with next-generation technologies that benefit customers. The new technologies include features such as GPS-based cruise control and multimedia system that make life easier for drivers and fleet managers.  

Ford Trucks offers safer, faster and, more efficient transportation solutions with its “Autonomous Technologies” 

Developed by Ford Trucks engineers, “Level 4 Highway Pilot” technology offers trucks the ability to carry out transportation activities autonomously between H2H (hub-to-hub) logistics centers. Therefore, trucks being the most important players in the transportation industry; will offer much safer, faster, cheaper, environmentally friendly, and most importantly, much more reliable transportation. 

The Remote Driving Technology; is an industry-first technology developed by Ford Trucks, enabling operators to remotely connect to the autonomous vehicle and take over the driving in case of unexpected events or human control during autonomous driving. 

Another technology pioneered by Ford Trucks; «Autonomous Reverse Parking» is a complementary feature to reach the target of “Fully Autonomous Driving” where it is necessary to dock at the loading and unloading station. 

Press conference:

Ford Trucks stand, Hall 21

Monday, September 19, 12:10-12.30  

About Ford Trucks:

Ford Trucks is one of the outstanding international heavy truck manufacturers in the world. We produce a range of heavy commercial vehicles including tractors, construction trucks and distribution trucks weighing over 18 tons. Ford commercial vehicles’ proven track record of quality, total cost of ownership and efficiency underpins Ford Trucks’ international product strategy. At Ford Trucks, we combine more than half a century of design and production experience with expertise in market-specific product development, to engineer the main components of our vehicles, including the all-new engines. We currently operate across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and the CIS, and continue to grow our international network in 3 continents manufactured each and every day with the confidence that Ford brand provides. For more information about Ford Trucks and its products worldwide, please visit