A Pioneering Project from Ford Trucks to Shape the Future
                      of Logistics: NextETRUCK

“Efficient and Cost-Effective Logistics with New Generation Zero Emission Electric Trucks” 

Ford Trucks, which has accelerated its R&D efforts to lead the zero-emission electric transportation solutions of the future, contributes to efficient and low-cost logistics with the new generation of electric trucks with the NextETRUCK project. 

NextETRUCK, which is one of the most supported projects in the sector with a grant of € 2M from Horizon Europe the European Union's R&D fund, will steer the logistics industry by shaping Ford Trucks' electric heavy commercial vehicle projects. 

Ford Trucks, global heavy commercial brand, which develops innovative and sustainable solutions with its engineering and R&D expertise, accelerates its NextETRUCK project to lead the future of zero-emission transportation in the heavy commercial industry. Ford Trucks will develop a zero-emission electric truck with the highest load-carrying capacity in its class and significantly reduced weight.

Ford Trucks' active participation in the NextETRUCK project highlights the latest in innovation and R&D studies in the field of electric vehicle technology and contributes to expanding its product portfolio with advanced, efficient, and sustainable transportation solutions.

The commercial transportation sector, which is heavily dependent on fossil fuels and accounts for 37% of carbon dioxide emissions, is expected to grow further in the coming years. The European Union, which supports sustainable policies against global warming, aims to have a zero-emission economy by 2050. Electrification of vehicles and fleets stands out as a critical strategy for decarbonizing the sector. The European Union supports the NextETRUCK project, which is part of the Horizon Innovations Actions program under the European Green Deal objectives.

Within the scope of the NextETRUCK project, which will make a difference with its lightweight chassis technology, the 16-tonne lightweight electric truck platform to be built by Ford Trucks will be tested in real-world conditions for six months by traveling back and forth between Ford Otosan factories and will provide information about its performance that will guide the logistics industry. Ford Trucks will rigorously examine lightweight chassis technologies to increase the weight efficiency of the electric truck and improve overall vehicle performance.

NextETRUCK project will also provide information that will guide the logistics industry with the tests conducted. The project focuses on creating an electric truck that stands out with its reduced weight, advanced thermal management, and the Acoustic Vehicle Warning System (AVAS) integration. Moreover, the project includes gaining expertise in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) tools to improve fleet operations, effectively manage charging, and predict optimal routes. The NextETRUCK project also includes significant changes such as updating EPE parts, creating an innovative thermal management system, chassis redesign, new brackets, software enhancements, and cabin modifications.

Held at Ford Otosan's R&D center in ─░stanbul, the NextETRUCK consortium brought together 18 companies from 9 different countries and 32 participants in total. At the consortium meeting, the project team was informed about the current stages of the project, as well as future work, and the process was reviewed. While each of the active work in progress continues to move forward, progress has also been made on pilot plans and outlines related to vehicle telematics, thermal management, vehicle analysis tools, and outreach. The next mid-term evaluation meeting of the consortium will take place in Brussels in February 2024.

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