QUANTRON and Ford Trucks sign LOI for joint development opportunity of H2 vehicles with Quantron Inside technology

·       Clean Tech Company Quantron AG and Ford Trucks, the global brand of the heavy commercial vehicle industry, have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI).

·       The highly innovative Quantron Inside technology will be evaluated for integration into Ford Trucks’ vehicles to enable emission-free transport solutions. The close technical collaboration aims to accelerate the market introduction of H2 fuel cell trucks based on a FORD F-Max 

Quantron AG, a specialist in sustainable passenger and freight transport, and Ford Trucks, the global brand of the heavy commercial vehicle industry, have jointly signed a Letter of Intent (LOI). Within this strategic cooperation, the Quantron Inside technology's effective range, innovative e-axle, customized high-power battery, fuel cell and tank integration, unparalleled energy management, and optimized Aerodynamics for maximized efficiency will be evaluated for integration into Ford Trucks’ vehicles, thus enabling emission-free transport solutions. The focus of the collaboration lies in hydrogen fuel cell-powered heavy-duty trucks.

Through the 1st phase of collaboration with Ford Trucks, QUANTRON ensures a seamless adaptation of Ford´s advanced trucks which will be built in compliance with the new security regulations as soon as from Q1, 2024.

Ford Trucks and QUANTRON collaboration opportunity can be defined as vast experience in integrating zero-emission drivetrain solutions in commercial vehicles. QUANTRON has already delivered more than 200 vehicles - which are all zero emission. While the majority of these are battery-electric vehicles, QUANTRON built expertise in fuel-cell electric vehicles too.

Michael Perschke, CEO of Quantron AG, states: "Partnering with a renowned vehicle manufacturer like Ford Trucks enhances QUANTRON's position as an innovation leader in the field of sustainable transport solutions and being a partner for established Commercial Vehicle OEMs”.

Rene Wollmann, CTO of Quantron AG states further: “Our partners want to accelerate their development of Fuel Cell powered trucks while focusing their own resources on other areas. We are benchmarking the FCEV light vehicle segment up to 7,5t, and in the FCEV heavy-duty segment up to 44t whereas we deliver our uncompromising and unique Quantron Inside technology & components. Our close technical collaboration will contribute to further accelerating the widespread market introduction of fuel cell-electric commercial vehicles."   

Ford Trucks Leader Emrah Duman, states “We are excited to have Quantron's support as a seasoned partner in our endeavor to offer a fuel-cell electric heavy-duty truck to our customers. This collaboration promises to yield substantial value in the times ahead. Ford Trucks is committed to investing in innovative technologies that will shape the future of the heavy commercial vehicle industry while aligning with our sustainability goals. Our primary focus is on electrification, closely followed by advancements in hydrogen technology. With a diverse pool of promising technological talents and capabilities, our efforts are making rapid and successful strides.’’

The partnership solidifies QUANTRON's strong position as a pioneer in sustainable mobility and underscores both companies' commitment to a greener future in the transportation sector.

As such, Ford Trucks is committed to achieving zero emissions in heavy commercial vehicle production by 2040 to mitigate the effects of climate change.

QUANTRON will be able to further diversify its range of environmentally friendly mobility solutions through jointly developed vehicles, thus meeting the growing demand.

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